Divestment: A Tool for Environmental Change
Harry Saunders April 11, 2018

Most Exonians have a relatively small carbon footprint. Exeter is a community where the vast majority of students and faculty walk to class, live in the same building with dozens

National Park Bottled Water Ban Reversed by Trump
National Park Bottled Water Ban Reversed by Trump
Elizabeth Griffin January 7, 2018

Six years ago, a ban was put on selling plastic water bottles within national parks. The ban, which only placed restrictions on 23 out of the 417 national parks, was created in t

Donald Trump Administration’s Impact on Environmentalism Progress
by Justin Shao

With the recent election and inauguration of President Donald Trump, the United States faces four years of potentially halted environmental progress. The President’s cabinet seems

People’s Climate March to Take DC by Storm
People’s Climate March to Take DC by Storm
by Grace Gray

On April 29th, 2017, the streets of Washington, DC are expected to be overflowing with environmental fervor as our country participates in its second People’s Cli

Olympic Sustainability
by Pedro Sanson

Behind the explosion of colors, music and happiness, the Rio 2016 opening ceremony had an overarching theme that reinforced the importance of our environment. After sharing their

Declining Bee Population
by Lauren Leatham | Safa Firas | Isabella Hillman

The first thing people think of when they think of bees, is how annoying they are. They buzz around and when you get to close to one, it stings you. Some even believe that the dec

Environmental Justice
by pedro sanson

Humans are on the track of facing mass extinction due to the non-stop release of greenhouse gases fueling climate change. The consequences of this release will destroy the human p

The Effect of Climate Change on Wars and Forced Migration
by Will Kalikman

For hundreds of years, the root causes of war could be attributable to a combination of factors: ideological change, self-determination and national control, battles over natural