Wildfires Plague Southern California in October
Justin Shao January 14, 2018

As Santa Ana winds continue to blow strong and fan the fires, wildfire season continues in Northern California, experiencing some of the worst and most devastating wildfires in hi

The Environmental Aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
Isabella Hillman January 14, 2018

On September 16th, just two weeks after Hurricane Irma, tropical storm Maria began to develop in the Atlantic. The tropical storm transformed into a Category 5 hurricane and swep

Food Waste and Sustainability in Exeter’s Dining Halls
by Isabella Hillman

Exeter always tries to implement new ways of reducing our food footprint into our dining halls to benefit the environment. Through the student-led “Zero Waste initiative”, Exeter

Assessing China’s Pollution
by Lauren Leatham

China has a very serious pollution problem that is causing many problems for its citizens, and for others in the world. Over the past few years China has become the world’s larges

Are Electric Cars Actually Better for the Environment?
by Grace Gray

As the United States plugs into the innovations in electric car technology, the question arises of whether electric vehicles are truly better for the environment than those powere