Trash to Treasure
Lauren Leatham November 27, 2016

Trash to Treasure is an environmental project on campus that started at the end of last year and has been growing since. Mr. BreMiller, a faculty member at Exeter, recruited stude

How to make Exeter more Environmental
Hillary Davis | Sophia Faliero November 27, 2016

We live in an unsustainable world; one that promotes the fossil fuel industry, overuses unnatural resources and cultivates climate change. These habits are slowly destroying our f

Exeter Exchange
by Pedro Sanson

It is Sunday morning and the doors to the Exchange open for business, ready for customers to buzz in and peruse. Through the racks of shirts and the shelves of pants, students, fa

Green Space Letter
by mr. holcolmb

Among the files in my classroom I keep a variety of high-quality writing by PEA students. Many are models of descriptive prose. Some date from early in my career here, about