Pedro Sanson
Pedro Sanson

Pedro Sanson is a student at Phillips Exeter Academy, Class of 2018


Exeter Exchange
Pedro Sanson September 10, 2016

It is Sunday morning and the doors to the Exchange open for business, ready for customers to buzz in and peruse. Through the racks of shirts and the shelves of pants, students, fa

Oregon: Coal Free
Pedro Sanson September 5, 2016

In early March 2016, the state of Oregon passed a law that will make the use of coal for the production of energy extinct by 2035. This means that, eventually, none of the

Olympic Sustainability
Pedro Sanson November 27, 2016

Behind the explosion of colors, music and happiness, the Rio 2016 opening ceremony had an overarching theme that reinforced the importance of our environment. After sharing their

Sophie Robinson
Pedro Sanson March 29, 2017

After an introduction by Eleanor Mallett’18, Sophie Robinson’07 walked to the center of the Assembly Hall’s stage and delivered a compelling speech. She mentioned her career at Ph