Justin Shao
Justin Shao

Justin Shao is a member of the Phillips Exeter Academy Class of 2019.


Environmental Impact of the Removal of the Dam
Justin Shao November 27, 2016

The end has come for the Great Dam of Exeter, a historical landmark constructed by Englishmen in 1638 to power a grist mill, enabling the mass production of a large variety of pro

Donald Trump Administration’s Impact on Environmentalism Progress
Justin Shao March 29, 2017

With the recent election and inauguration of President Donald Trump, the United States faces four years of potentially halted environmental progress. The President’s cabinet seems

Wildfires Plague Southern California in October
Justin Shao January 14, 2018

As Santa Ana winds continue to blow strong and fan the fires, wildfire season continues in Northern California, experiencing some of the worst and most devastating wildfires in hi