Trash to Treasure

November 27, 2016

Trash to Treasure is an environmental project on campus that started at the end of last year and has been growing since. Mr. BreMiller, a faculty member at Exeter, recruited students from a combination of different environmental clubs on campus to help create a sustainable cleanout for the end of the year. The goal of this cleanout was to help organize all of the leftover clothes, toiletries, and furniture that would otherwise end up in the trash. Mr. BreMiller brought in PLAN, an environmental group that has worked with other schools before including UNH, to help organize the collection process.  

After the end of year cleanout, members of Trash to Treasure decided to put some of the collected items in the Exchange, an on campus thrift store. Their goal was to resell the items to students. The clothing that was not put into the Exchange was donated to Savers, a non profit organization. The money made from Savers would have originally gone back to Exeter, but we donated it to the Epilepsy Foundation instead.

Now the Trash to Treasure group is trying to donate all of the leftover toiletries that they collected to women’s shelters such as Haven. Trash to Treasure is open to anyone who wants to join, as they continue to build upon their campus clean out sustainability initiative.