People’s Climate March to Take DC by Storm

March 29, 2017

                On April 29th, 2017, the streets of Washington, DC are expected to be overflowing with environmental fervor as our country participates in its second People’s Climate March. Although centered in Washington, the movement aims to promote worldwide awareness and action regarding climate change.

The march’s progress has been largely led by working families and communities of color, the demographics most affected by climate change and pollution. By marching in Washington, these communities will connect with thousands of other citizens to advocate against the harmful agents in our environment and their effect on people—lung cancer from coal train routes, lead-poisoning from exposure in lower-class towns, and the greater scheme of overwhelming air pollution and temperature change.

                The movement’s focus in Washington will also draw attention towards our government’s responsibility regarding our world’s well-being. Many citizens believe Trump’s proposed policies to be negating of environmental progress, and they are planning this powerful march as a protest against harming our world, and thus, our people. The march is aiming to create a space for hundreds of thousands of citizens to bond together and help our world as a whole to achieve greater sustainability.

A snapshot of the estimated 400,000 who participated in the first People’s Climate March in New York City. (source: