Exeter Exchange

September 10, 2016

It is Sunday morning and the doors to the Exchange open for business, ready for customers to buzz in and peruse. Through the racks of shirts and the shelves of pants, students, faculty and staff scout the clothes they will add to their closet. Along with clothing, members of the academy are able to help decorate the walls by drawing, painting or writing a wish.

Located in the back of the Davis Center, the Exeter Exchange is a thrift shop that sells clothes, school material and home items for a dollar. This student-led business is associated to ESSO and sells the donations received in order to raise money for a selected charity. This year, the Exeter Exchange selected Blue Ocean Society, a non-governmental organization that promotes marine conservation, to donate their money.  If a person donates items, they are also allowed to exchange their donations for new clothes.

Currently, most people seem to be a victim of over consumerism and should reconsider their choices when buying brand new items. Excessive consumption is an addiction that is not sustainable and hinders the well-being of our environment. In retaliation to this deep societal issue, the Exeter Exchange underlines the importance of reusing clothes and reducing the generation of waste.

Aside from selling clothes, the Exeter Exchange club members produce art out of recycled objects during their weekly meeting from 7 to 8 on Mondays. From bottle caps, to old library cards, broken binders and clothes, art is produced and enables objects not to be put to waste.

As an end of year project, the members of the Exchange alongside other environmental clubs and Mr. BreMiller, are organizing an initiative called Trash 2 Treasure that promotes a zero-waste move out, in which students will donate the electronics, books, silverware and clothes that they won’t use in the future. In the beginning of the following year, the items will be sold in sale event and the money made allows the project to be self-sustainable.

The Exeter Exchange, like Sustain, stresses the importance of a more environmentally friendly community that fosters a new outlook on the world we’re living in.The members of exchange are doing their part to reduce exeter footprint. Will you? Next time you have clothes you won't use, don’t throw them away. Donate.