As Time Melts Away

January 14, 2018

The stinging air comes in lashes,

Between the silences of being submerged

In the freezing water

Up and down she thrashes,

Each breath unable to soothe her aching lungs,

As she gulps and only finds her mouth too full of water

To even let out a cry

The young white cub remembers her mother’s warm fur,

When she used to cuddle into it as they both watched their iceberg shrink

Pieces of the edge fell off each day,

Joining the treacherous waters below with a sharp tick as they hit the surface,

Until the time came when there was only room for only one of the bears

So the cub’s mother neared the edge,

And made a tock as she plunged in

Now, as the baby gasps,

Losing hope for more air,

She realizes there is nothing she can do,

That it is not up to her;

Saving the polar ice caps is up to you.